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    Using properties in CLI for if/else



      In the Wildfly CLI-scripts it is possible to test for existence of a resource and execute some conditional logic:


      if (outcome != success) of /subsystem=datasources/xa-data-source=MY_DATASOURCE:read-resource
           // now do something

      When you run the cli, you can provide properties that are available in your scripts like this:

      $JBOSS_HOME/bin/jboss-cli.sh --file=my.cli --properties=my.properties


      I would like to introduce some conditional logic based on these properties to do some conditional configuration.

      One example is that to configure a mail-server, sometimes the mail-server requires a username and a password and in other cases it allows anonymous access. When setting up the mail-server config i would like to be able to have conditional logic like this

      if MAILSERVER_USERNAME is defined //confiure mailserver with username password else // configure mailserver without attributes username/password


      The only thing that I can see that is possible is if I already have added a system-property setting to my standalone-full.xml, i can query it like this:

      if (outcome != success) of /system-property=foo:read-resource
           // now do something


      I would like to do something simuilar based on the properties passed in from my.properties.


      Is this possible?