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    @PostConstruct no longer called on stateless session bean usage



      We are using Wildly Swarm (2018.3.3) and recently upgraded to Wildfly Thorntail 2.2.1.Final (microservice versions of Wildfly).


      We have several stateless EJBs for providing RESTful services to clients and we use an @PostContruct annotation on an init() method in them to perform some required security context/initialization with each service/business method invocation.  This method was previously being called each time a service invocation occurred with Wildly Swarm 2018.3.3, but after upgrading to Thorntail the method is no longer called after the initial service call.  However, dependency injection is still performed with each call.  When changing the beans to @Stateful, init() is called with every service invocation.  The Swarm/Thorntail guys tell us this code is all part of Wildfly and didn't know why it changed.

      The JEE6 spec is a little fuzzy on this life cycle and how often @PostConstruct is invoked, but it seems to be grouped with dependency injection:

      The Lifecycles of Enterprise Beans - The Java EE 6 Tutorial


      Any idea what changed with regard to this behavior?  Are there any options to register an event handler when a stateless bean is about to be invoked?  Or even better, is it possible to disable stateless session bean pooling so that a new instance is created each time the service is invoked?  We tried modifying sldb-strict-max-pool and max-pool-size but 1 appears to be is the minimum pool size.

      Any help would be appreciated.