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    Wildfly (10.1.0) Activemq clustering and failover in standalone mode

    Suraj Prajapati Newbie


      I am working on Wildfly 10.1.0 version and i am running my wildfly in standalone mode.


      I want to achieve queue clustering and queue failover.


      I have achieved queue clustering on two docker wildfly(standalone mode) instances. Here i have done server discovery using jgroups and i am using TCP/IP protocol for server discovery. Ip Address of instances can be different because we are using kubernetes for docker orchestration so i have used JDBC_PING for server discovery.

      But Queue failover is not working in wildfly HA Mode.


      I have done following scenario.

      I have two docker instances with wildfly 10.1.0. I have clustered both the instances say instance1 and instance2.

      Producer produced 10 messages. Instance 1 has 5 messages in queue and instance 2 has 5 messages in queue. When instance 2 is stopped those 5 queue messages are not getting replicated in instance 1.

      How can i achieve messaging failover using activemq in wildfly 10?