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    JBoss EAP 7.1.2.GA listen on random port

    SriVarun MV Newbie

      Hi ALL,


      We had an issue where one of the Jboss EAP started listening on the other Jboss EAP HTTP port. Below is the scenario we had.



           HTTP port - 57400

           Port Range - 57400-57428


           HTTP port - 44900

           Port Range - 44900-44928


      On the application sever(Solaris OS) we have two IP's configured(IP1 and IP2).  Both JBOSS1 and JBOSS2 are running on the same server.

      IP1 - internal IP

      IP2 - client visible IP


      The JBOSS2 was running and listening on HTTP port as below.

            *.44900              *.*                0      0 65536      0 LISTEN

      Later, the JBOSS1 was started and it has pulled a connection on IP2:44900 which has created the issue for client connections to JBOSS2.

      But internal connections for JBOSS2 on IP1:44900 was working fine. We could see both JBOSS1 and JBOSS2 OS PID's are holding the connection on the 44900 port.


      Below is the output from the lsof.

      $ /usr/local/bin/lsof 2>/dev/null | grep 44900

      java 8058 appuser 882u IPv4 0x6023ae77540 0t0 TCP IP2:44900 (LISTEN) --> JBOSS1 PID  --> The problematic one

      java 18292 appuser 769u IPv4 0x30277b5c080 0t0 TCP *:44900 (LISTEN) --> JBOSS2 PID


      Could someone please tell why did JBOSS1 started listening on a port which is out of it's range?

      Is there a way we can replicate this?


      Please let me know if you need any more details.