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    Can we just use @inject alone to make one to many and many to one work ?




      Recently, I chanced upon using Weld for CDI in Java EE.


      Correct me if I am wrong cos I don't have much infor.


      Basically, I want to use dependency injection in my web app, as I find it difficult for 1 entity to set it to another entity.


      I have 2 entities - tutor and subject.


      I need tutor to set the List<Subject> and used it in my controller.


      My question is do I just use @inject alone when I put Subject subject at Tutor class or ?


      So far, I have the below dependencies in maven pom.


      <!-- https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/javax.inject/javax.inject -->













      I am using Tomcat as server and Eclipse as IDE.