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        What was your problem with the timer?
        I followed this wiki and it worked: Simple Timer Flow With Example

        Btw, Brian question was from 2013... He is probably the owner of the hospital now haha

        • 16. Re: Using Ad-hoc sub processes

          Vinicius,   Thanks for the link...    In the sample above, it's  using a time trigger to start the process.  In my case, it was putting the timer on the side of an ad-hoc process.  That may or may not be relevant.  We'll see.


          A couple things came to mind.  First, using jBPM 7.15.Final I was not able to simply say "10s" to represent 10 seconds.  The KIE interface would throw an error saying the time had to be ISO-8601 compliant.   So, I entered the time as 1 minutes as "P0DT1M" which may or may not be right.


          The other clue your link gave me was the last comment, where it says you have to turn on the Scheduler service in the run time.   I was not aware that this needed to be turned on explicitly...  just assumed it worked.


          Thanks, Rich

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