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    Validating if war, jars deployed properly in wildfly 12



      We are in the process of moving our application from JBoss to Wildfly. The application has one main war file, which contains several wars and jars. I am at a point where on deploying in the application in Wildfly 12, i do not see any errors in files standalone/log/ but the application pages do not come up ( i get a 404 error).


      I deployed a test war with couple of classes providing rest service calls (using @Path annotation). When deploying in wildfly - i could see these messages in server.log about these classes getting deployed.


      My actual application has several such services (that use @Path ) but i do not see any of these classes referred in server.log - does this mean they are not deployed?


      Where do the errors get logged in Wildfly? Is there a tool or command line in wildfly to check if my war(s) and jars deployed correctly?