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    Is there a way to avoid a Wildfly 10 restart after renewing a LetsEncrypt certificate?




      I have Wildfly 10 successfully running with a LetsEncrypt certificate.  I just renewed the certificate and it appears that I have to restart Wildfly for the new certificate to be recognized.  To test this I accessed the server after having renewed the certificate (and converted to .jks format) and Firefox showed the original/soon to expire certificate Expiry date.  I restarted the server and then Firefox showed the new certificate Expiry date so it appears a restart is necessary.  For a production server this is obviously a real problem.


      1) Is there some way to get the new certificate into service without a restart?


      2) It is my understanding that Wildfly 14 has LetsEncrypt certificate "support" built in.  I'm not sure what that actually means but does v14 require a restart after renewing a LetsEncrypt certificate also?


      Thank you in advance.