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    Restart App


      Hello Guys,



      I'am new in Jboss and sorry to ask so boring questions but i have not found any resources on my issues.



      I have used  in 2017 for deployment Jboss 6  Enterprise Red Hat and for the new project i should use community Jboss wildly.

      I am in standalone server.



      I have an application with .war and .conf.

      I have deployed.

      - war in deployment folder : /wildfly-12.0.0.Final/standalone/deployments

      - .conf in /wildfly-12.0.0.Final/standalone/configuration ( this file contains hibernates properties etc ... )


      Deployment works fine but when  developers change some parameters in .conf i must restart my jboss server.

      I cannot ask to the developers to add the .conf in war file because it contain special conf for environment so the file depend I ‘am in dev, ppd or prd environment.

      The solution it's de restart jboss server but the app is not accessible when the server is down and it will be a big issue for the future if i want to deploy new others app on this server.

      How can i reload the .conf file without any impact on others apps ?


      When i have used jboss Red Hat on my old project i had like servers-groups which contains app and it was easy to deploy and i was able to restart this server-group without any inpact on the others apps.


      Do you have any solution ?


      Sorry I ‘am Newbie  , thanks a loft for help and sorry for my bad English.

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          you can try to redeploy app using jboss-cli.


          start jboss cli and connect to running instance


          WILDFLY_HOME/bin/jboss-cli.sh -c


          redeploy deployment with


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            Thanks for repply.

            Unfortunately same issue. What i have understood it's the config file is load when jboss start. This config file contain some parameters forDB connection and Environment (Dev, Ppd, Prd) Variables.

            I can post one section of this file tomorrow. of this file if needed


            Does exist any solution like Jboss 6 with groups-servers  in Wildfly ? How it's works when it needed to restart just one APP ?

            .war was builded with config environment file but it was decided to separate config file from .war. the reason is to deploy the .war in all environment.


            I'am thinking to create cluster and i can restart the server one change the config file and started it without shutdown App. ( and do the server two in next )


            Thanks for Help

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              I see now, I thought you mean some custom conf files, not server configuration file. Changing configuration file xml directly isn't recommended, jboss-cli is recommended way to manage server. It's even possible to change configuration at runtime without restarting server (not all, some changes still require at least reload).


              I'm not sure what you mean by "Jboss 6  Enterprise Red Hat" but if is JBoss EAP 6, then WildFly is almost the same. There are server groups, just look into domain mode.


              Cluster is definitely a way how to achieve it.


              I suggest to start with WildFly Documentation

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                Hi Thanks a lot i will read the documentation about it ( RedHat means for me the entreprise edition )


                Thanks a lot for help.