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    Is it possible to do Automation testing using arquillian on GCP ?


      Hello all,



      We have application which is developed using the Rest API Micro-services on GKE(Google Kubernetes Engine).

      My Testing Team is planing to use arquillian for Automation Testing. I am new to arquillian. I gone through the http://arquillian.org/ documentation.



      I have few Queries.Can anyone please help me on the below.



      1)Can we do the application automation using arquillian from QA perspective?

      i)If yes.,/how to design the Automation_test framework?,

                /which type of f/w i.e(Keyword driven,Data driven or Hybrid)?

        /how to cover all the test scenarios/how to pass test data/Scope

        /Test Maintenance

        /test reports.

        /Bug Tracking.



      ii)If No. what is the reason? /ROI

      2)As a QA point of-view how much test coverage we can provide through automation.







      Thanks in advance