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    Question about ability for distribute project with implementation junit rule for BMUnit.

    Szymon Tarnowski Newbie

      Some time ago for my project which use SpringBoot I wrote simple implementation of "org.junit.rules.MethodRule" for BMUnit library.

      And some utils methods which allows to operate on  handling counters, joins and rendezvous.

      Project can be found on gitbub by rul https://github.com/starnowski/bmunit-extension.

      I would like to deploy project into one of public maven repositories.

      I am not an expert in context of licence but if I am correct then licence "GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1" allows me to do this.

      But as I read, some vendors may required permission from libraries owners.

      Or they would like to know if I asked libraries owners if they don't have anything  against it.

      So generally I wanted to have some advice from members of this group in this matter.