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    WF15 JAX-RS @BeanParam NPE


      Hi all,


      Using the latest Wildfly 15.0.1, I am trying the JAX-RS annotation @BeanParam but am getting NPE. The I have attached the stacktrace to this post. Below are the code snippets:


      public class TestFilter {
          private String dateFr;
      public class TestRes {
          public Response search(@BeanParam TestFilter filter) throws IOException {
              if (filter.getDateFr().length() > 0) { // NPE here: filter.getDateFr() is null


      When debugging in eclipse, there is clearly a value set in the field:


      But when viewing the expression, I get null:


      I have tried to use @FormParam instead of @BeanParam and that works fine without NPE.


      Can someone help to explain what is going on with the @BeanParam?