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    Custom salt jdbc-realm


      Its possible create a custom salt? because the result of :


      <principal-query sql="SELECT PASSWORD FROM USER WHERE USERNAME = ?" data-source="myDS">

            <salted-simple-digest-mapper algorithm="password-salt-digest-sha-1" password-index="1" salt-index="2"/>



      I try with:


      • scram-sha-1
      • simple-digest-sha-1
      • password-salt-digest-sha-1



      but not work with any combination, the result its different to my database password result

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          At the moment no the salt must come from the query against the database although I think some alternative options to obtain the salt from the configuration could be worthwhile.


          Not sure which database you are using but it may be possible to define a SELECT which returns a constant value for one of the columns instead.  Not quite configuration but removes the need for it to be stored in the table.

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            I use oracle, in my database, the password is stored through the sha-1 method, for example, the password value (123123) is DQpVVhzNgapwtT7FoOlRsjU0w1g = , but in the main-query query another result is obtained, there is some way to customize the value of the password that it receives