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    Clustering without mod_cluster

    Allen MILLER Newbie



      We're trying to implement JBoss AS7.4 (eap-6.3 alpha) in a clustered mode without using mod_cluster. Is it possible?


      Our environment already has a load balancer fronting the two servers we're trying to cluster and it seems that's what mod_cluster wants to do as well.


      When we deploy in clustered mode, it generally works however periodically we see lock acquisition errors, i.e. TimeoutException: JBAS010213: Cannot acquire lock default-host...from cluster. When this happens the system slows dramatically and the session has to be killed to continue.


      We're basically using a vanilla standalone-ha.xml; we've tried it both leaving the modcluster subsystem in the config and also removing it, with similar results.


      Any insight appreciated...