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    Wildfly Hot Deploy Modules at Runtime


      Dear all,


      I have an application in form of ear and war files deployed under Wildfly 14.

      I have been working on wildfly for a while (around 4 years) and this is the first time, I need to add a jar to my ear, but at run-time without restarting the application server or hot deploy my application. Thus, I am thinking to add the new jar as a module that will be injected to the loaded classes without re deploying my application or restarting Wildfly.

      Therefore, I am asking if there is a way to hot deploy new modules without any intervention on the application or the server.


      Thank you for your help in advance,


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          You can place a new (static) module into the modules path at runtime. However, if you want the resources in that module to be accessible/usable from within your deployed application, you will have to add a dependency to that module within your application. And to do that will involve redeploying your application.