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    lra-service-base missing?


      Hello; I'd like to verify that although many Narayana LRA-related artifacts exist:




      lra-service-base, which lra-clients and lra-filters need, does not.


      I wonder how lra-clients and lra-filters managed to get released to Maven central at version 5.9.6.Final when they need lra-service-base at version 5.9.6.Final and yet such a resource does not exist?


      I assume there is no workaround short of building Narayana 5.9.6.Final in full locally?




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          I think I see what happened.


          To build some, but not all, of the LRA-related artifacts, you need to activate the community profile for some reason.  Clearly when a release happens to Maven central, that profile is not activated.


          But when whatever job it is that releases the rest of Narayana runs, it probably can reference lra-service-base at version 5.9.6.Final, because probably whatever machine it is that performs the release build already has lra-service-base built because probably that same machine has had the community profile activated in the past.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeuck.


          The workaround, as I suspected, is to do what you should really never ever ever do, which is to check out the 5.9.6.Final tag and build it from scratch, using build.sh clean install -DskipTests -Pcommunity.




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            Hi ljnelson ,


            thank you for report. You are right the lra-service-base artifact was not released to the maven central. I'm sorry for that. That was omission. Not directly because of the '-Pcommunity' profile but a wrong configuration of the module. I reported the issue for that and we'll try to solve that erro.

            [JBTM-3175] lra-service-base is not deployed to Nexus during release - JBoss Issue Tracker



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              Cool, thank you!