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    Expiration Event - value is null for entries in file store


      We're using wildfly 15 with infinispan upgraded to 9.4.14.


      We have a replicated-cache:

                      <replicated-cache name="nodeTimeoutEvent">

                          <object-memory size="2"/>

                          <expiration interval="1000"/>

                          <file-store passivation="false" purge="false"/>



      We have a listener:


          public void entryExpired( CacheEntryExpiredEvent<string, nodetimeoutflowevent=""> event )
              if ( event.getValue() == null )
                 LOGGER.debug( "Value was null" );
                  LOGGER.debug( "Node timeout: {}", event.getValue() );


      Pushing 4 entries into the cache with a lifespan of 10 seconds.    The listener receives 4 events however 2 of them have a null value.  (The key is present and correct)


      The number of entries with a null value is directly related to the object-memory size="2".     Setting that to 5 and pushing 8 entries,  will result in 3 entries having a null value in the expiration event


      Is this expected behaviour?