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    WildFly 14 domain JMX remoting by


      I have been trying to set up jmx remoting in WildFly 14 domain mode however I have not been able to connect.


      - I have set up a user in ApplicationRealm

      - I have set the remoting socket binding port for the full profile to 4447

      - I have set the full profile: /profile=full/subsystem=jmx/remoting-connector=jmx:add(use-management-endpoint=false)


      I run the domain.bat - b=localhost


      I try to use a tool like visualjvm to try and connect and I cannot see any connection


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          Apparently your parameters are not correct.
          You may look into the ejb-remote example of WildFly quickstart.

          in RemoteEJBClient.java there are following lines:

          final Hashtable<String, String> jndiProperties = new Hashtable<>();

          jndiProperties.put(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "org.wildfly.naming.client.WildFlyInitialContextFactory");

          if(Boolean.getBoolean(HTTP)) {

              //use HTTP based invocation. Each invocation will be a HTTP request


             } else {

                //use HTTP upgrade, an initial upgrade requests is sent to upgrade to the remoting protocol



          final Context context = new InitialContext(jndiProperties);


          return (RemoteCalculator) context.lookup(...;