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    Why WildFly model does not offer operation to force recovery to be run


      On working on task [CLOUD-2262] Provide support for transaction recovery for transactions which contain subordinate transactions propagated… I was asked by jmesnil why is the recovery scan not exposed as a management operation in the transaction subsystem.


      As I'm not sure about design decision behind I decided to move the question here to hopefully find more details.


      My answer to this question would be that

      forcing the recovery is not a standard operation that is about to be offered to a usual user. It's internal Narayana procedure which is not expected to be touched. It's helpful only for a person who really understands how Narayana works and what happens when it's called. It's useful for testing and for integration purposes. But I can't imagine that would be useful for an ordinary developer to force the recovery processing.


      But a little bit against this logic there is defined a socket binding in the configuration (WildFly 17.0 Model Reference ). It is possible to communicate with the recovery manager through that socket to force the operation. Why that was not transferred to be an model operation?