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    How to monitor/inspect the lra-coordinator


      I 'm experimenting Camel SAGA EIP with Narayana lra-coordinator implementation.


      Is there a way to track a SAGA transaction/request from the lra-coordinator?

      I mean, from SAGA start to end... How many sagas completed, canceled, failed

      How to inspect the lar/sagas log state?


      Does the lra-coordinator expose some jmx/prometheus metrics?

      How can I interpret the data exposed though {{/lra-coordinator}} endpoint? What does each property from that endpoint means?


      Thanks in advance.

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          We are focusing most of our efforts on implementing version 1 of the microprofile-lra spec. In version 2 we will be looking at metrics and tracing.

          The lra-coordinator is the service that can expose information about an LRA but we only provide basic data:


          this.lraId // a unique id for the LRA

          this.clientId // client provided name for the LRA

          this.status // the current status of the LRA (according to a simple state model) - permissible transitions are described in the spec

          this.isTopLevel // LRAs can be nested

          this.startTime // the UTC time in milliseconds when the LRA was created

          this.finishTime // the UTC time in milliseconds when the LRA becomes eligible for cancellation


          The coordinator listens on a REST endpoint so you can obtain the above information using something like curl: curl -X GET http://localhost:8080/lra-coordinator

          In version 2 of the specification we will provide a java client API to obtain management information such as this. So then would be an excellent opportunity for you to get involved in defining which information would be useful.


          We do not expose information about which participants are enlisted in the LRA (since that could be argued as being a security loophole).


          The microprofile-lra spec and the narayana implementation are open source projects so if you would like have things included then just raise another request on this forum or raise an issue on the microprofile-lra issue tracker.

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            Hi mmusgrov!


            Many thanks for the explanation. Very helpful. Good to know about the plans around spec version 2. I'll try to track there.