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    HAL Reporting DOWN Health Check Outcome When No Checks Are Present


      I recently updated to WildFly 18.0.0.Final/HAL 3.2.1.Final from WildFly 16.0.0.Final/HAL 3.1.2.Final and noticed the following:


      • Selecting Runtime > MicroProfile Health item will show a DOWN outcome when no health checks are present.
      • The http://$host:$http.management.port/health endpoint returns an UP outcome with an empty list of checks.


      In WildFly 16/HAL 3.1.2 an UP outcome is reported by the console. The same response is returned by the health endpoint in both versions.

      Additionally, the MicroProfile Health page opened by selecting the "View" button does not show the outcome component in this case on WildFly 18

      while it did in WildFly 16, which may or may not be intended--I am not sure.


      Screenshots are included below showing the difference.


      I personally am not using MicroProfile Health checks at this time and came across this by coincidence, but I thought I would bring it up

      here in case this should be filed as an issue.


      WildFly 18/HAL 3.2.1



        WildFly 16/HAL 3.1.2