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    WildFly 19.0.0.Beta2 is released!


      Today we released a second beta for WildFly 19. You can get it from the WildFly download page[1]. Compared to Beta1 this is primarily a bug fix release; it's very close to what we would have released a WildFly 19 Final if we weren't shooting to get in the MicroProfile 3.3 updates this month.  The details of the changes are in the release notes at [2].


      Please try it out and give us your feedback!


      I expect we'll do another beta in two weeks when we hope to have the MP 3.3 work done, and then WF 19 Final would be released in early March.



      [1] https://wildfly.org/downloads

      [2] https://issues.redhat.com/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=12313721&version=12344557