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    Issue installing SSL certificate


      I have a VPS(centOS) on which wildfly 18 is installed.



      - In the process of obtaining a certificate, i generated the .csr and .key file using openssl with a command as the following :



          openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout /path/to/www_server_com.key -out /path/to/www_server_com.csr



      So no keystore or alias involved



      - I then copied the content of the .csr file to the ssl provider, then received a zip with the certificate files ( .p7b file , .cer , etc)



      - I am stuck on the installation of the certificate because i have to execute the following command :



          keytool -import -alias [keyAlias] -trustcacerts -file [certificate.p7b] -keystore [keystore.kdb]



      But I don't have a keystore file, How do i proceed ?