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    Multiple ejbStore with SUPPORTED trans. attr

    lfinis Newbie


      I've been tracing ejbStore callback and noticed something strange.
      I only create and destroy some entity bean and in addition to regular ejbCreate and ejbRemove i'm getting 2 more ejbStore calls. (the bean is not passivated).
      If i call get**() method even with SUPPORTED trans. attrs. it adds yet another ejbStore call.

      I know about isModified method but i want to understand the nature of those ejbStore calls.


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          Hezekiel Newbie

          I don't think that the transaction attribute has anything to do with the frequency of ejbStore calls. If you 'touch' the entity bean's data, the container will assume that it's modified and updates it to db. With BMP you can simply skip the database op if the data wasn't changed. I'm sure there's something similar one can do with CMP too.