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Just so you know the blog thing kinda has grown bigger but started out as a crappy looking webpage (blojsom used to be well written but crappy looking - now it is pretty) on my personal server. I begged and whined at people to post. Then MarcF became a believer and he beggged, whined and then posted "blogging manditory" :-). Then Roy Russo and others realized that this gets their project more traffic and every other post became about JBoss Portal ;-)... So I realize that when I turn off the comments that there will be conspiracy theories abound as to why (such people will probably miss that I posted that I WOULD turn the comments off if they became a pain for me in the very first post on here).

Just so you know, I am the guy who goes and moderates all the spam and the unofficial but Matrix-actual (remember that BSG is on tonight). And I don't have time to delete all the medical enhancement ads (and similar content) from our comments. Moreover our corporate communications policy does not include providing a forum for comments of a sexually explict nature or comments offensive to people's race, religion, nationality, etc (you missed it but someone actually managed to offend me AND the "bile blogger" in the same comment thread). Nor are we interested in being a Spam receptacle, for that reason the blog comments are disabled henceforth. That DOESN'T mean the two way communication has to stop, just change venue. We have forums related to the blog and general discussion, places to shoot the..whatever. Just they self moderate better because spammers don't generally register first and more people watch them. So If you'd like to discuss anything you see in the blog go to The Lizzard's Corner or the relevant topical forum. Or download and install JBoss Mail Server and use it to send me an email and I'll probably chat or post it for you in the forum. Or if its JBMS related there is also IRC ( /join #jbms).

Remember to have fun and that blogs and blogging rots your brain.

Update: So this caused the paranoia (and cheap shot) that I feared it might. Note that this change is only temporary as our new site which is to become jboss.ORG has the technology to do what we want (comment w/registration) which I note is not what *he* actually turned on (he turned on moderated comments which means he has to agree w/you first)...where ours were completely open to all spammers.

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Our readers are geeky enough that I would expect java and JBoss to show up in their post more often than the other key words :-). I don't mean to be defensive but I took the implication that I was lying as to the reason rather personally. -ACO


JBoss Mail Server 1.0 Milestone 4 is a full POP/SMTP email server supporting virtual hosts, SSL, TLS, and multiple different databases (including specific effort to support Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL). Although this is a milestone release JBMS has already been deployed at a number of corporations and research institutions. You may download or install it (via webstart) here. We do strongly recommend following the instructions, I mean the how to has pictures even and the process for creating users/mailboxes is different from prior releases.


First, I would like to express gratitude to all those who have provided feedback about last week's pre-releases, and in the ongoing poll.


This release is strongly suggested for anyone using 1.0M4-pre1 or 1.0M3 and earlier. It is optional for those who installed 1.0M4-pre2 (there are only changes to documentation, versioning and the installer).

Some of my coworkers have implied that we put out far to many pre-releases and that release is not approaching fast enough. We plan to put out the 1.0 once JBMS has IMAP, WebMail and a graphical administration tool. This is presently scheduled to coincide with the JBossWorld event in Las Vegas (the plan has not changed).


As always we appreciate your feedback and participation in the JBoss Mail Server Forum


Norm Richards will introduce SEAM at the Dallas JavaMUG. Read more at Norm's blog. Tell Norm how much you wish he'd announce such things HERE well in advance :-).


After yesterday's JBoss Mail Server M4-pre2 release announcement, we could use use some help prioritizing post M5 work. Since IMAP is pretty well regarded as the most important feature, it is the focus for M5. Following this we have a list of other objectives and would like YOUR opinion on which is the most important to work on next. Please vote and thank you for your support.


You may download M4-pre2 here and find installation instructions for JBMS M4-pre2 here. It is highly recommended that you read the installation instructions as you must now create aliases for users as a manual step (as mentioned in the prior release).


Last week I announced the M4-pre1 release of JBoss Mail Server. Since then we've:

  • fixed several stability and memory consumption issues
  • resolved database portability issues
  • upgraded to JBoss EJB3.0 RC5-PFD
  • significantly improved performance (over both M3 and M4-pre1)


In all likelihood this will be the M4-final release with only potential changes to the installer and update of the documentation/version numbering. It is highly recommended that anyone who installed the M4pre-1 release immediately upgrade to this release as the fixes to the release were of significance over the previous pre-release.


This version includes a distribution of JBoss Application Server 4.0.3SP1 which has been upgraded to the EJB3-RC5-PFD edition of EJB3. It will not likely install properly over an existing JBoss Application Server prior to the upcomming 4.0.4 release without manual modification (sorry). It is suggested that everything else in the prior release's announcement is still relevant. Documentation will continue to pop up as we get feedback and in correlation with M4-final. As always we appreciate your feedback in the JBMS forum and thank you for your support.


ALSO: please vote on what features you'd like us to focus on next.