You may download M4-pre2 here and find installation instructions for JBMS M4-pre2 here. It is highly recommended that you read the installation instructions as you must now create aliases for users as a manual step (as mentioned in the prior release).


Last week I announced the M4-pre1 release of JBoss Mail Server. Since then we've:

  • fixed several stability and memory consumption issues
  • resolved database portability issues
  • upgraded to JBoss EJB3.0 RC5-PFD
  • significantly improved performance (over both M3 and M4-pre1)


In all likelihood this will be the M4-final release with only potential changes to the installer and update of the documentation/version numbering. It is highly recommended that anyone who installed the M4pre-1 release immediately upgrade to this release as the fixes to the release were of significance over the previous pre-release.


This version includes a distribution of JBoss Application Server 4.0.3SP1 which has been upgraded to the EJB3-RC5-PFD edition of EJB3. It will not likely install properly over an existing JBoss Application Server prior to the upcomming 4.0.4 release without manual modification (sorry). It is suggested that everything else in the prior release's announcement is still relevant. Documentation will continue to pop up as we get feedback and in correlation with M4-final. As always we appreciate your feedback in the JBMS forum and thank you for your support.


ALSO: please vote on what features you'd like us to focus on next.