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Today marks the 1 year anniversary where we announced a new JBoss development, distribution and support model that focuses on continuing open source innovation through, while providing longterm enterprise class stability through our supported JBoss Enterprise Middleware subscription products.

So what have we been up to for the last year? I think you'll agree, it's quite an impressive list:
It all started where it should, with our community. got a new look, we introduced new open source middleware projects, and we reached over 20 million project downloads. Also, with the help from the JBoss community and our partners, we helped launch new open source projects and initiatives to advance open source Java, helped create RHQ, a common services project for infrastructure management, and launched project initiatives in SOA Governance. projects continue to gain momentum with developers worldwide.


Expanding the JBoss team
It's aways nice to be in a position where we're able to grow the team, and last year we added a great team in MetaMatrix, which brought with it an impressive Data Services Platform, which addresses SOA at the data level and helps enterprises and government agencies bridge the gap between diverse, existing, enterprise data sources. And, more significantly, we're helping to open source this technology so everyone can benefit, starting with the JBoss DNA project. We also recently added Amentra, a unique and highly talented consulting firm that focuses on mentoring clients first, to help better guarantee long term success.


JBoss Enterprise Middleware
A year ago, we announced our intentions of what JBoss Enterprise Middleware will be: fully supported enterprise class open source solutions with stable releases, longterm product support, pre-integrated, tested and certified distributions combining the latest enterprise ready technologies. So how did we do?


Under this new enterprise model, in addition to all of our standard update releases, we've delivered JBoss Enterprise Application Platform v4.2 and v4.3, our certified enterprise application server that integrates over 15 projects, like JBoss Hibernate and JBoss Seam, with our popular JBoss Application Server. We recently achieved Common Criteria evaluation for Application Platform v4.3. We've introduced JBoss Developer Studio, the first open source, Eclipse-based, integrated development environment to combine tooling with an industry leading runtime. We recently launched the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, which integrates JBoss ESB, JBoss jBPM, & JBoss Rules into the first comprehensive open source SOA solution.


We've also added over 70 middleware partners, added numerous customers, selected innovators of the year, saw strong business growth, had a record number of attendees and IT decision makers at JBoss World, and, launched Enterprise Acceleration to help further increase JBoss adoption and set our goals for the future.


So what will we be doing in the next year? Stay tuned to Java One to find out.