Again, just in case you missed it - which would be quite hard, since we did 'invest' into publicity this time. :-)

JBoss Application Server 5.0.0.CR1 has been released and is available for download from


Detailed Release Notes:

And the publicity that I've mentioned:

Dimitris talks about it here:


And Sacha's blog:

It's been great to finally see it come out.



OK, back to the usual - my Spring deployer. ;-)
With a few changes in the deployers and complete classloading re-wamp, Spring deployer also needed a minor update.
Here is the latest build:
- SpringDeployer 3.1 at SourceForge

Alongside Microcontainer project a new VFS project was developed. VFS stands for Virtual File System, a simple read-only framework abstracting the way we look at the 'file' system.
The two key points there are that we don't limit ourselves with the underlying 'file' system, meaning the file can be basically anything that has specific 'file' semantics, ranging of course from plain/real file system to in-memory byte 'file' representation (the two that we currently implement), or perhaps even some LDAP or relational database. The other key point is the way you traverse over path. We've seen a lot of duplicate code all over the place where the code was asking the resources whether they are plain files/directories or archives, asking the URL connection if it's plain file or jar connection, ... With VFS you just put in a path or URL, and the framework abstracts all the details for you, hiding them behind simple VirtualFile API.
But of course something like that comes with a cost, expecting other written frameworks not to understand VFS protocol, since they mostly limit itself to what default JDK provides (a horrible URL handling code for Windows ;-).
We first encountered this with Facelets while deploying Seam apps. So here is the fix: And with connection to SpringDeployer and Spring's ability to do scanning for components, this issue poped-up:
- Spring deployer and component scanning on JBoss forum
The fix is already part of SpringDeployer 3.1, or you can use just the VFS based resource pattern resolver from here:
- VFS and ResourcePatternResolver



Aha, not to forget, JBoss5 has a whole new forum dedicated just to the issues with the new CR1 (and future JBoss5) release.
- JBoss5 forum


OK, that's it from me.
Probably till next JBoss5 release. ;-)