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We had the first Beta version of JBoss Federated SSO v1.0.0 released a few days ago. Going by the download count and the questions asked by the users in the forums, we have got to assume that it has been well received by the community.

At JBoss World Berlin, there was a presentation on the framework. The room was filled beyond our expectations. Addditional chairs had to be brought in, which made little difference to a number of people who had to stand (some even outside the room). Considering it was a large room, we have got to accept that SSO is a big requirement for enterprises. The feedback from the attendees at the end was positive.

If you would like to take a peek at a demo showing federated SSO happening between two JBoss SEAM based applications (a DVD store and a Hotel Booking application), I invite you to check the following SWF file(you can open in a browser like Firefox). Flash Demo

You can review the presentation at: PDF version of Presentation at JBoss World Berlin

If you are interested in downloading the beta version, you can do it from the downloads page: JBoss Federated SSO Framework Downloads

Won't a cheat sheet help you to run the demo applications yourself? Here is it: Cheat Sheet for running the demo apps

There is more to expect in the Federated SSO arena. So stay tuned and keep checking the project often.


You cannot ignore this post, if you have been wondering about doing Federated Single Sign On (SSO) for your JBoss SEAM based applications. The time is near and it is now!

Have a fantabulous day!

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