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Finally, after almost 4 months of development, Thanksgiving, Christmas, consulting priorities, and children being born, JBoss EJB 3.0 RC4-PFD is finally out and available for use. This is a major release with over 68 tasks complete. We are about 99% compliant with the EJB 3.0 Proposed Final Draft and a lot of major and minor bugs have been fixed. You can download the standalone release on sourceforge. This distribution works with JBoss4.0.3SP1 application server. JBoss 4.0.4RC1 will be out soon with a full app-server distribution. You can view documentation at, or just download the standalone distribution which has doco as well as 30+ tutorials.


A lot has changed in this release both in the specification and the way JBoss implements EJB 3.0. Check out the EJB 3.0 WIKI for details on how to migrate from an older version of JBoss EJB 3.0. It is going to be an annoying process to migrate because of all the minor annoying little changes here and there, but please have patience. Since our WIKI is editable by anybody, please help us out to expand these guides! BTW, if you get really upset with some of the default JNDI binding changes, please send your hate mail to Gavin King and Christian Bauer.


Special thanks goes out to Gavin King for putting up with all my bitchin' and whining in the late hours of the night. And always, Emmanuel Bernard for doing a kick ass job on the Hibernate side of things.


Have Fun,




Training EJB 3

Posted by bill.burke Jan 19, 2006
This week, I am doing a JBoss Advanced training down in Orlando. When I got to the sight, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they were an EJB 3.0 shop. It seems they have a few products coming out later this year and decided on EJB 3.0 to implement this new project. Here's some of the things they said:


We were required to be standards based and did some research before the project began and jumped on EJB 3.0 because all the XML alternative approaches just seemed too unproductive


There is no possible way we could have accomplished as much as we did in so short of time if we had gone the EJB 2.1 route. Our developers were amazingly productive using EJB 3.0


The moral of the story is that the more people I talk to about EJB 3.0, the more I learn that it is a vast improvement over the older specification and that the spec is headed in the right direction. I'm trying to extract a testimonial from these guys, so you should see something soon on this.


Ya know? It is refreshing to speak to people that are actually trying out this technology, instead of just blindly denouncing this because they are emotionally attached to some of the EJB-alternative frameworks out there. Anyways...


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