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At Java One last year, I did a presentation on the JBoss architecture. One of the things I talked about was our deployer architecture and how you could define your own proprietary package format that could automatically be deployed/hot-deployed into your environments. I gave the Spring Framework as an example of what you could provide


I had wanted to create a Spring Deployer for over a year, but never had time to do it. Luckily, a few weeks after my presentation, I received an email from a random person named Ales Justin asking if the Spring Deployer was available. I told him it wasn't, that I had no time to develop it. He responded with "I'll do it!". Let me tell you, I get these offers to help about once a week. I give these people a few pointers then usually, almost always, never hear from them again. I pointed Ales to a few example Deployers and told him he was on his own. About a week or so later, he came back with a finished Spring Deployer. What he had seemed to work, so I gave him CVS access. He asked, "What next?" I told him, "why don't you integrate Spring with EJB 3.0 and provide a custom injection annotation for EJBs for Spring deployed object?" He said ok, and later in August 2005, the Spring integration project was begun


Well, we originally wanted to launch this project by writing an article for The Server Side about the project. Ales did this and submitted it to TSS. Unfortunately, TSS seems to be more interested in publishing issues about JBoss rather than anything positive we might be doing for the Java community and the article fell through the cracks. Ales became busy, and we never got the article out.


Strangely enough, even without an announcement, one WIKI page, a downloadable SourceForge distribution, and a User Forum, produced over 1000 downloads of the project. Ales reworked the project using the new EJB 3.0 PFD spec and released another version last week. We gave up with TSS and went to Java Developers Journal instead, and you should see Ales's article printed in the February edition.


So, what about the project you ask? Well, here are the links


I'm pissed at myself for not calling attention to this project earlier, but it seems a lot of you have already found it




Have Fun



It definately feels like Ground Hog Day. Didn't I just release EJB 3.0 a few days ago? Well, some user feedback produced a few bug fixes. You can download RC5 at sourceforge.

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