Last week I announced that the JBoss Community submitted an application to participate in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2012 program. We had over 30 project ideas identified by the time Monday rolled around and the applications were being reviewed.


You're fingers must have been crossed because the application was accepted! For the first time ever, the JBoss Community (independently, not on the coat-tails of Fedora) will participate in the Google Summer of Code. "Hack" yeah!


Interested students can browse the list of project ideas, get a list of potential mentors and find other necessary information on the GSoC 2012 ideas page on the JBoss Community site. Feel free to start contacting potential mentors today! You can reach mentors by private message or via the #jboss or #jbosstesting IRC channels on Freenode IRC.


Note: Applications are not yet open for students to start applying. However, it is time for mentors to sign up! Interested students should contact mentors on IRC or mailinglists to inquire about projects. Consult the timeline on the official GSoC 2012 page for dates.


We've setup a list for students and mentors to chat about GSoC in the JBoss Community. You can register for the list here:


We also encourage you to checkout the Fedora Project GSoC 2012 initiative. The Fedora Project was also accepted! Congratulations fellow champions of openness! There are lots of opportunities with Fedora as well, including a handful of cross-over projects, which you can find on the Fedora Project GSoC 2012 ideas page.


Thanks to all who have supported this process. It's going to be a great summer. Hack on!