The 2nd Java Tech Day in Athens, organized by the Java Hellenic User Group (JHUG), had it all:

  • A balanced agenda
  • Interesting speakers&topics
  • Sponsorship (& great catering, too!).
  • A big audience (100+)



I particularly enjoyed Dr. Heinz Kabutz's talk on Essential Java Performance Tuning, with interesting tales from the field where the expert is called to save the day and reduce the average response time of a crawling application. (Heinz is the author of the famous Java Specialists' Newsletter). We'll be probably see more of Dr. Kabutz here due to his great idea for combining Java Courses & Holidays on the island of Crete.



The tech day was a great opportunity to meet with the Java development community and the many JBoss users out there. It was a also a good  chance for promoting the very first Advanced JBoss Training in Athens, at the end of September (if you are around, don't miss it :).


Again, kudos to the JHUG team for organizing this (more pics here).