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Teiid 7.0 Final

Posted by jdoyle Jun 30, 2010

I've just returned from 2 weeks vacation to get the news that Teiid 7.0-Final has been released.  Great work Steve and Ramesh.


Teiid 7.0 CR1 Announced

Posted by jdoyle Jun 11, 2010

Teiid 7.0 CR1 was announced this morning and you should go and take a look at it right away if you have ever used, or even thought about using Teiid, or are a hsitorical MetaMatrix user.  In my opinion, the list of feature improvements that Steve and Ramesh have have fit into this release are ASTOUNDING.  Take a look at the list of high level changes in this post.


Awsome work guys, I'm looking forward to building on top of this improved foundation.