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I will give a BOF at JavaOne 2006 entitled "Portlet development best practices".


The Portlet specification allows people to create portable components for portals. It offers an API that allows developers to create personalized content for end users. This session aims to teach about how to develop a portlet that is a good citizen of a portal and how to leverage the Portlet API at its best.


I don't know yet how this BOF is going to be. In the past I had many occasions to be a speaker during events such as JBoss World or JavaPolis but this is the first occasion I have to give a BOF.


In order to prepare and promote this event I am gathering input from the Portlet community and I would like to know what people would like to learn and talk about. The most appropriate places to discuss about this are the group that I created on the JavaOne Conference site and that topic on our forums for those who don't go at JavaOne but still wants to discuss about it.