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The announcement is a bit late, but we nevertheless wish to inform you of the 3.0.2 release of jBPM last week. This release fixes several bugs and minor issues for which we point you to the release notes. In addition there is also a new release of the graphical process designer plugin. This is the 3.0.5 release of this plugin. The biggest enhancement for this release is the ability to show and edit the transition names directly on the diagram. You'll find all you need on the JBoss jBPM download pages.


We have also decided to again include a starter's kit bundled with a complete Eclipse installation with this release. We feel that it lowers the barrier to get started with jBPM a lot. Firing up the jBPM server and exploring the websale sample process is only one mouseclick away, tweaking and changing the websale process yet another click. This download is only available for Windows from here . Users of other OS's will have to stick to getting a separate Eclipse download for their platform and installing the plugin themselves. But for the Windows users there is no excuse for not starting this download immediately.


Have fun, Koen


jBPM is a fully featured workflow and BPM engine. Also a new version of the Graphical Process Designer (GPD) was released. New feature highlights of the core jBPM are asynchronous process continuation, improved flexibility of the persistence API and task instance variables. The persistence API has been changed maintaining backward compatibility with the 3.0 release. Purpose of these changes was amongst others to use Hibernate more directly whitout too much unnecessary wrapping.


The 3.0.4 release of the GPD now fully supports swimlane configuration through an additional swimlanes tab in the editor and the properties configuration page of tasks. Another new feature in the GPD is grid support to improve the looks of the process graphs.


The new releases are available on the sourceforge download area :


All feedback is welcome on the JBoss jBPM User Forum.

Regards, Koen