The jBPM team is pleased to announce new releases on both the 3.0 and the 3.1 branches. For the changes and bugfixes in these releases we refer to the release notes available in both distributions. As for the graphical designer, the 3.1.2 Starter's Kit contains GPD 3.0.11 whereas the 3.0.4 Starter's Kit contains GPD 3.0.10. Both GPD releases are build and tested against Eclipse 3.2 and WTP 1.5. There are no big functional additions with respect to the previous GPD release, only some minor fixes. A particular change in the GPD 3.0.11 is the removal of the JBoss jBPM runtime. If you install the plug-in in a new Eclipse installation, you will have to configure one or more runtimes before you can create new projects. This removes the dependency of each GPD release on a particular version of the jBPM runtime libraries. Of course all this comes preconfigured in the Starter's Kit.


Enough talking, if you are curious enough have a look for yourself. You can start at our download page. As always, comments and feedback is welcome on our user's forum.