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JBoss ON Flash

Posted by mazz May 8, 2006


I just wanted to give a short and sweet shout out to all those who have heard about JBoss delivering a management and monitoring tool but aren't quite sure what it's all about.


For those that are not familiar, JBoss, Inc. has released a product called JBoss Operations Network. It has been available for close to a year now and is currently at the 1.2.SP1 version. Rather than describe in boring detail what it can do, I strongly encourage you to watch our Flash demos. It will give you a very good overview of what the software looks like, what it can do and how it can help your operations folks manage and monitor your production systems.


As a final word, the entire JBoss ON development team plans to attend JBossWorld in Las Vegas. Be there or be square. If you show up, stop on by and we'd be happy to discuss with you what we've done and where we are going with JBoss ON.




Working for SPECTRE

Posted by mazz Dec 9, 2005


Well, it’s been exactly one full year that I've been a JBoss, Inc. employee. My last day at my previous employer (to remain unnamed to protect the innocent) was this day last year. I start year two next week.


Now that it is behind me, I wanted to reflect on that first year and ask myself if I made the right decision to leave and come to JBoss. Since JBoss is continuing its recruitment efforts, I also wanted to blog about my experiences. Since I'm still relatively new, I think I can still relate to those sitting on the outside looking in. Mainly, I want to do this to help publicize to folks on the outside about our work environment, since there is so much speculation, rumors and opinionated comments regarding this company and the people that work here. In truth, last year I wasn't even sure I was going to accept the job due to this negativity surrounding JBoss that exists in some circles.


As for the job itself: quite simply - the hours are longer, the work is harder, the pressure more intense… but, it’s _so_ much more fulfilling to actually be doing something that matters, as opposed to being a very small cog in an extremely large wheel (and all the while waiting for the call to the boss's office to receive the notice that you were finally "selected" to enter the workforce reduction program). There is so much good work going on here, you can’t help but to think you are a part of something that’s going to be really, really big. I am glad I made the switch.


As for the people - it is a shame about the perception that is out there, and I’m lucky that that perception didn’t dissuade me from coming on board. If you read some of the hack jobs that are out there, you'd think this company was run by a bunch of egomaniacal prima donnas with the ethics of a cockroach. To be sure, I certainly haven’t seen this. From Marc on down, it is just a bunch of incredibly smart people with an intense focus and desire to produce and service the best software in the industry. But, at the same time, their online personas don’t do them justice. At the top, Marc Fleury has to be one of the most approachable executives out there. Make no mistake, Marc has his opinions and shares them freely - but he equally listens to others’ opinions as well and you can talk to him about transaction propagation just as easily as you can about the weather.


The same, I’ve come to find out, is true with just about everyone here. Tolerance for stupidity is low – but it is not as bad as advertised (I would know - I’ve done some stupid things, but after enduring some pot shots, mainly dealing with my limited brain capacity or some such thing, all was forgiven) . And everyone is willing to help everyone else out. It truly is a collaborative environment. I think it is this attitude that spills over into our customer support efforts and why our customer support gets such high marks.


I laugh at some of the information that is posted on the ‘net regarding what people think are JBoss’s motives or internal workings. There are some diabolical thinkers out there that are able to parse a mailing list post or press release and come up with the most evil conspiracy theory possible. Aside from Marc’s stated goal of building a software monopoly - it’s all lies :-) Or more to the point, those on the outside rarely have an accurate picture of the people on the inside.


So, as we continue recruiting, if you want (or get an offer) to work here at SPECTRE, er... JBoss, don’t let the misguided rantings of a few discourage you from making a great career move. There’s awesome things going on here – you won’t regret taking the opportunity to being a part of it.


I’m sure I’ll get some kind of girly email from Roy saying how pathetic this blog is - but then, that’s what you’d expect from Roy. Of course, if I don’t get that email, then I _still_ won’t feel I’m a fully integrated member of the JBoss team yet.

John Mazzitelli
JBoss Network Developer