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RichFaces 4.5.4.Final is available for download.


Important note:

A security issue concerning a4j:mediaOutput has been fixed in this release. Your applications may be vulnerable even if they don't use the component.


Aside from that in this release we've added keyboard support to rich:calendar - you can now skip through days, weeks, months and years without using mouse. (See documentation) We've also enabled file filtering in rich:fileUpload dialog window.



Release Notes


  • [RF-13977] -         Remote Command Injection (EL Injection)
  • [RF-13990] -         Cannot deploy Showcase in JBDS 8
  • [RF-13991] -         GraphValidator is not working on Tomcat
  • [RF-13994] -         FileUpload: 'status' attribute not working
  • [RF-14000] -         Showcase: root path doesn't redirect to index page on EAP 6.3
  • [RF-14002] -         Calendar: cannot close popup by clicking on button


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-13971] -         Upgrade testing dependencies
  • [RF-13995] -         Upgrade third-party libraries



  • [RF-11376] -         rich:panelMenu - barely visible label of submenu when it is hovered
  • [RF-11770] -         showcase - rich:dataScroller - the fastStep should be set to more than default 1
  • [RF-12934] -         ajax request for rich:tooltip should respect the showDelay parameter


        Feature Request

  • [RF-6687] -         Navigate Calendar with keyboard
  • [RF-11684] -         rich:dataScroller optimize behaviour of fastStep
  • [RF-11984] -         rich:fileUpload: implement file extension filtering
  • [RF-12799] -         Log: add attribute hotkey
  • [RF-13251] -         FocusManager to support complex components like rich:autocomplete



  • [RF-10350] -         Client API: collapsiblePanel api improvements
  • [RF-13997] -         Remove .jsp files from projects
  • [RF-14001] -         Add atmosphere-runtime-native to dependency managment



  • [RF-13998] -         Add documentation for keyboard navigation

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