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As you might have noticed with newer versions of Mojarra (2.2.6+) some RichFaces components do not work well when placed inside ui:repeat (MyFaces are not affected). This applies to functionality where components switch between different things (changing tabs, sorting columns in a table) - the full list of issues we track can be seen here. A reliable workaround is to use a4j:repeat instead.


The problem occurred with fixing JAVASERVERFACES-3152 which changed the way component state is being saved and restored inside ui:repeat. As far as I understand there isn't a clear specification on how ui:repeat is supposed behave but the state saving mechanism is a core part of the JSF framework and we relied on the way it worked before, whether it was intended or not. The impact for RichFaces is that interactive components don't "remember" their previous state - for example expanding a collapsed rich:collapsiblePanel will not trigger a PanelToggleEvent for its @toggleListener because the information that the panel is collapsed is not available to the component. I have been trying to resolve the issue with the Mojarra team but so far we've gotten nowhere (I was suggested a workaround but it made the state apply to every component inside ui:repeat, not just the one - i.e. collapsing one panel would collapse all panels), while the impact to JSF is not as big and they do not need to make sure our components work I do believe that the current behavior is a bug since I've been able to observe some undesirable results in pure JSF environment.


Currently there is a JIRA ticket filed - JAVASERVERFACES-3833, if this issue affects your application consider voting for it.

RichFaces 4.5.2.Final is available for download.


In this release we have mostly fixed look-and-feel client-side issues, the most impactful being the ability to scroll rich:extendedDataTable without the use of the scrollbar (e.g.with a touchpad or mouse scroll button). We have also fixed server-side issues with visiting components that were not supposed to be visited (such as unrendered columns or collapsed collapsiblePanels).


NOTE: We have upgraded jQuery to the latest version but due to a bug in one of its libraries Firefox users will often encounter a "not well-formed" console warning. It is safe to ignore and will be fixed in the next version of jQuery.


Release Notes


  • [RF-10714] -         Message: icon trimmed
  • [RF-10817] -         Panel menu item: same icon for enabled and disabled state
  • [RF-10834] -         File upload: default labels not used
  • [RF-10964] -         autocomplete delete key behavior creates inconsistent state
  • [RF-10971] -         rich:tooltip doesn't work in rich:extendedDataTable
  • [RF-11218] -         showcase - rich:fileUpload - there is no file name information of uploaded file
  • [RF-11678] -         rich:extendedDataTable column resize problem when placed in absolute positioned container
  • [RF-11679] -         rich:extendedDataTable window resize problem when placed in absolute positioned container
  • [RF-12482] -         rich:fileUpload, the upload button disappeared after deleting a uploaded file
  • [RF-13177] -         rich:extendedDataTable scrolling broken on OS-X
  • [RF-13595] -         rich:validator doesn't work when loaded via ajax (re-render)
  • [RF-13711] -         a4j:ajax status does not work as expected
  • [RF-13721] -         dataTable: columnClasses attribute doesn't work as described
  • [RF-13780] -         Random JavaScript error due to missing attribute 'richfaces.RICH_CONTAINER'
  • [RF-13949] -         push: error in browser console after push enabled/disabled
  • [RF-13950] -         Photoalbum tests need to be migrated + create testing profiles
  • [RF-13957] -         select: clicking on the bottom part of the input does not trigger onclick event
  • [RF-13958] -         collapsibleSubTable: the most nested CST remains collapsed after parent CST re-expands
  • [RF-13959] -         a4j:mediaOutput doesn't work if createContent is an EL expression
  • [RF-13961] -         push: initialization of topic with subtopic will prevent sending push messages to this topic or to its subtopics
  • [RF-13962] -         typo in rich:hotKey description on showcase
  • [RF-13963] -         a4j calls and repeatable components
  • [RF-13965] -         rich:select popup not displayed after clearing whole input
  • [RF-13968] -         Showcase: autocomplete sample is using wrong attribute autoFill instead of autofill
  • [RF-13969] -         rich:accordion height of first element is wrongly computed when switchType is "client".
  • [RF-13978] -         UIDataAdaptor doesn't handle VisitHint.SKIP_ITERATION, doesn't check unrendered columns
  • [RF-13979] -         editor: 'basic' toolbar is same as 'full'
  • [RF-13980] -         Initially Page loaded with Data in ExtendedDatatable, after zoom out in  Browser the Data is not displayed in ExtendedDatatable.
  • [RF-13982] -         Photoalbum - image for FB login missing
  • [RF-13988] -         collapsiblePanel stops rendering of following components


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-13730] -         Upgrade Mojarra in build/pom.xml
  • [RF-13975] -         Upgrade third-party libraries



  • [RF-13939] -         Rich:chart plotClick shouldn't be restricted to series points.
  • [RF-13964] -         Pom Cleanup

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