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RichFaces 4.5.8.Final is available for download.


In this release we've expanded the use of event handlers -  oncomplete, onerror and status can be defined globally on a4j:queue. Added more commands to keyboard navigation for rich:calendar and fixed a few client-side issues such as row- and columnClasses in rich:extendedDataTable with frozen columns, or keyboard scrolling for pickList and orderingList.


Two things to note:

  1. There seems to be a problem with MyFaces 2.2.8 and navigation rules, though we've only encountered it in our mobile showcase; MyFaces 2.2.7 work fine.
  2. rich:fileUpload on WildFly can garble filenames if they contain special characters, read about it in my earlier blog post.


Release Notes 


  • [RF-11176] -         [a4j:commandButton] [a4j:commandLink] missing base attribute onerror
  • [RF-11711] -         a4j:queue - review usage of attributes onsubmit, oncomplete, onevent, onbeforedomupdate and onerror
  • [RF-11805] -         a4j:queue onerror doesn't seem to work
  • [RF-12351] -         rich:extendedDataTable frozen columns cause alternating row color to be out of sync with unfrozen part of table
  • [RF-13558] -         pickList, orderingList: list doesn't scroll when using keys
  • [RF-14056] -         Repository sync problem
  • [RF-14074] -         rich:calendar popup disappeared in IE in special case.
  • [RF-14076] -         tab: @onbegin and @status are not working
  • [RF-14077] -         pickList: @caption element is not visible
  • [RF-14079] -         panelMenuGroup and item: @onunselect does not work
  • [RF-14082] -         inputNumberSpinner: @inputPosition does not work
  • [RF-14086] -         Rich:chart with a4j:ajax re-render fails on WF 9 and Tomcat
  • [RF-14087] -         Autocomplete needs two clicks to open
  • [RF-14089] -         panelMenuGroup: @hoverClass does not work
  • [RF-14092] -         FileUpload doesn't preserve filename encoding
  • [RF-14093] -         rich:pickList source order not preserved for the beginning of the list
  • [RF-14094] -         pickList: the state of buttons is not updated after removing item(s) when @keepSourceOrdered=true
  • [RF-14097] -         a4j:mediaoutput does not work on wildfly 8.2
  • [RF-14098] -         autocomplete: @onerror does not work
  • [RF-14100] -         Highlighting of rich:dropDownMenu on refresh
  • [RF-14106] -         Showcase: chart component sample is not rendered
  • [RF-14108] -         mobile showcase with myfaces: cannot open any example


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14073] -         Upgrade third-party libraries
  • [RF-14083] -         Upgrade JSF
  • [RF-14096] -         Upgrade WildFly 8 and 9 Arquillian profiles



  • [RF-13271] -         AjaxEventsProps is missing @onerror attribute
  • [RF-14067] -         page-fragments: calendar: add missing wait messages
  • [RF-14071] -         showcase: integration tests: deploy the war only once
  • [RF-14109] -         Showcase: a4j:status samples, user experience


        Feature Request

  • [RF-11781] -         rich:list and rich:dataScroller: numbering on other than the first page
  • [RF-14078] -         rich:calendar focus does not come to apply and today button



  • [RF-14103] -         Update rich:calendar documentation for keyboard navigation

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