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RichFaces 4.5.9.Final is available for download.


In this release we've added an option to use text-substitution in rich:contextMenu (more in documentation) and we've added focus() method to the JS API of input elements. We've also updated rich:componentControl to be able to use standard DOM methods.


Release Notes 


  • [RF-11402] -         Metamer: rich:inplaceSelect: scroller disappear when move by mouse
  • [RF-12488] -         detached contextmenu menu fails
  • [RF-12510] -         jsFunction data called before completittion
  • [RF-12759] -         rich:componentControl doesn't work on commandButton
  • [RF-12820] -         AutoComplete Layout Table is broken
  • [RF-12841] -         Tooltip: JavaScript Error with showDelay and partial update
  • [RF-14081] -         Rerendering of drag indicator not reflected when dragging an element
  • [RF-14102] -         orderingList, pickList: @collectionType can only be a String
  • [RF-14119] -         page-fragments: status: status state is not returned correctly
  • [RF-14120] -         page-fragments: editor: type method is changing editor's text even if in readonly mode
  • [RF-14122] -         autocomplete: autofill does not work for upper case beginning letter
  • [RF-14129] -         rich:select list doesn't opens, if first element in the list is empty (with solution)
  • [RF-14133] -         mobile showcase with myfaces: cannot display any example
  • [RF-14136] -         [rich:toolbar] hideDelay does not work
  • [RF-14138] -         components/rich cannot be compiled with java 1.6


Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14113] -         Upgrade third-party libraries



  • [RF-14101] -         Replace Showcase tests for a4j:status
  • [RF-14115] -         page-fragments: editor: wait for inner frame to be visible before switching to it
  • [RF-14121] -         showcase: editor: decrease autosaving frequency


Feature Request

  • [RF-7824] -         Add "focus" method to focusable components
  • [RF-11842] -         Support for macrosubstitutions in the contextMenu



  • [RF-14118] -         Document text substitutions in rich:contextMenu
  • [RF-14125] -         Add focus() to JS API documentation
  • [RF-14131] -         Document @dragOptions for rich:dragSource

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