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RichFaces 4.5.14.Final is available for download.


In this release we've implemented a long-requested feature - a menu for hiding columns in rich:extendedDataTable (you can see it action in the Showcase). We've fixed ajax requests in rich:tree, rich:treeNode now inherits request-related attributes (oncomplete, data, …) from the parent tree. There were two updates that might cause issues with custom styles, the components affected are rich:contextMenu (style and styleClass now apply to a different element) and rich:popupPanel (style was being incorrectly applied in two places).


Release Notes 


  • [RF-10265] -         rich:tree - toggling fires @onbegin event handler, but omits @onbeforedomupdate and @oncomplete
  • [RF-12097] -         Richfaces 4.2.0 invalid css entry for *.rf-insl-tt
  • [RF-12295] -         Facelets exception on postback when partial state saving is off
  • [RF-12979] -         rich:contextMenu inside rich:accordion displays incorrectly
  • [RF-14159] -         Autosized popup panel has wrong size after re-render
  • [RF-14225] -         Behavior of rich:select component with duplicate labels
  • [RF-14229] -         rich:dragSource - error on dropover when using custom options
  • [RF-14231] -         FocusManager: cannot focus on component inside iteration component
  • [RF-14233] -         rich:dragSource - empty dragOptions cause error
  • [RF-14235] -         rich:popupPanel - style attribute is applied twice


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14226] -         Upgrade third-party libraries



  • [RF-14128] -         Add profile for WF 10
  • [RF-14227] -         Incorrect information in Developer Guide
  • [RF-14230] -         Provide better handling for RichFaces.ui.Droppable
  • [RF-14239] -         provide better parent menu resolutions for menu items


        Feature Request

  • [RF-7872] -         Tables: columns visibility



  • [RF-14234] -         Add profile for EAP 6.4
  • [RF-14240] -         photoalbum: stabilize tests
  • [RF-14241] -         page-fragments: contextMenu: fix the page fragment after refactoring in contextMenu
  • [RF-14242] -         showcase: integration-tests: contextMenu: fix locators



  • [RF-14232] -         Document @showColumnControl and add example to showcase

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