The development of CDI TCK 1.1 (focused on CDI 1.1/JSR 346) is moving forward and the TCK test suite expands in many areas. Last week the total coverage reached 90%! And now some numbers to compare...

CDI TCK 1.0: Total coverage is 76,02% (1005 of 1322 testable assertions tested). The worst chapter coverage is 72,87%. The best chapter coverage is  89,36%.

CDI TCK 1.1: Up to date total coverage is 90,08% (1280 of 1421 testable assertions tested). That's 14% increase even though there are currently 99 more testable assertions. The worst chapter coverage is 83,64%. The best chapter coverage is 100%.


In any case I believe that this results could not be achieved without the great support of Weld development team and also without such a great projects like ShrinkWrap, Arquillian and JBoss Application Server 7.


Thanks to anyone involved!