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Mladen Turk

Apache Tomcat PMC

Posted by Mladen Turk Jun 18, 2007
After 72 hours of vote I was elected as third Tomcat PMC Chair just about yesterday.
It really means lot to me and I'll do my best to fulfill my duties. Being a Project Management Committee Chair for a project like Tomcat is a huge liability. Just take a look at the latest graphical presentation of the access.log from the ASF. In March we had more then 600000 downloads. It's not an typo, this is really 600K without counting any mirror sites.
Something like that makes me a little bit scary. We had more downloads then all other ASF projects together had. We have a strong developer and user community, and it seems that we were right when pushing Tomcat to the Apache TLP two years ago.
I won't for sure acting as a PMC Chair influence the way how we did things till now because it seems we are on the right track. However I'll do my best to further push the Tomcat to the user community. Things we certainly need are better documentation and better PR, but IMHO we are on the right track. As a footnote we had almost entire track on the last ApacheCon EU 2007 in Amsterdam, and beside the fact that it was Friday and the last day of the conference we had all talks crowded with people sitting on the floor. I hope we'll do something similar for next ApacheCon US this winter.
So wish me luck :)

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