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I'm pleased to announce that version 1.0.0 of the WindRide project, an EAP config migration tool, was released.



WindRide is a complement to WindUp. While Windup helps with application migration, WindRide migrates EAP configuration (from 5 to 6).


How to try it

There's a demo video which shows how to use WindRide. In short, it's these steps:


  1. Have EAP 5 directory with your config
  2. Download, unzip and run EAP 6
  3. Download and run WindRide, giving it the paths to both EAP 5 and EAP 6
    • java -jar WindRide-1.0.0.jar src.dir=jboss-eap-5.2/jboss-as dest.dir=jboss-eap-6.1 app.path=MyCoolApp.war
  4. Done!


What's new?


* Version 1.0.0 has externalized migration rules. You can customize existing migration steps, or write your own, e.g. for WebLogic.

* The project was renamed to WindRide from previous codename SwanLoom.

* The maven artifact used for distribution is now named



After the artifact rename, the binaries will be available under:


This release's distribution jar is available at:


Documentation, issues, source code

Documentation: Github Wiki -

Source code:     Github -

Issue tracking: Jira -

Download from the JBoss public Maven repo.


The 0.11.x is a preparation for 1.0.0, which will have the externalized rules.


In this release, most of the externalized definition constructs work as per documentation - queries, actions, expresison language, forEach loops.

What still is not tested are the Groovy expressions in filters.

Hopefuly, that will be fixed during next week and 1.0.0 can go out!

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