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Congratulations to Vojtěch who wrote self-monitoring subsystem for WildFly 8.

Succesfully defened on Tuesday and got A.

bender-futur/wildfly-self-monitor · GitHub


In the meantime, Heiko coded something similar, but hey - still a good job!

With 2 weeks delay in this announcement:


Windup 2.0 was released.


What's new in 2.0? Well, everything At least considering code - it's a complete rewrite.

The purpose is still to help facilitate the migration from various platforms to JBoss.

The rules (yes, it's rule-based) are now Java in the core, but some subset can be written in easy XML.


Go and try


If you want to try building it and try write some rule, here's the quick way to get it all (copy and paste one command at time - it uses background wget downloading) :


mkdir tmp; cd tmp/
mkdir windup-lab
cd windup-lab/

##  Java 8 download
wget -bc

##  NetBeans IDE
wget -bc
chmod +x
bash ./

##  Maven 3.2.5+
mvn -v

##  Windup
git co
git clone windup
cd windup/
mvn install -DskipTests
cd ..

##  Windup QuickStarts
git clone
cd windup-quickstarts/
$MVN install -DskipTests
cd ..


If you don't want to install but want to see it in action, watch our presentation from DevConf Brno:


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