Windup 2.5.0 will contain the fixes for bugs found by the users. Thanks especially to Marc Zottner.

You can already try Windup 2.5.0.CR3 (candidate release 3) - ask me for a link.


Marek Novotny has compiled a set of new features in 2.5.0 based on Jira features/enhancements report:


  • CLI user experience changes (bootstrap help faster, packages can be
  • With wildcards, discovering available packages in input)
  • Added VisualAge Generator generated classes into ignored packages
  • Updated Maven plugin with showcasing it in new Quickstart
  • Migration issues report rework
  • Enhanced of all reports layouts to be more user friendly (graphs, tree like structure)
  • Added/Fixed core migration rules


Windup 2.6.0 will bring few new features, including automated partial Mavenization of the your project, which will help you identify the libraries you have in your application bundle and the APIs it uses. More on that later.