A great new feature is comming in Windup 2.6.0.


In real life scenarios, if a company has multiple .ear applications, it's very likely that they will bundle various subcomponents, for instence, EJB jars with EJB's used across the company.


In Windup 2.4.0, we added the ability to analyze multiple applications. But that didn't count with the fact stated above. That lead to these re-used submodules being counted multiple times in the migration effort and total incidents sums, which doesn't reflect the real amount of effort - once the submodule is done, it's done for all applications.


So since Windup 2.6.0, this behavior is corrected. If Windup spots some libraries which are used multple times, it will create a "virtual" application in the report, called "<shared-libs>" and  1) report it only once, 2) analyze it only once (the other copies of the same jar won't be re-scanned).


Kudos to Jess for implementing this!