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JBoss jBPM makes a splash in the prestigous Business Integration Journal! See Bringing BPM to the Mass Market


The key messages of the article and for JBoss jBPM are:

  • There are different programming environments that require process automation. These include the Java, web services, and web application programming environments.
  • Different process languages are best suited to meet the needs of these environments.
  • BPEL is designed for web services orchestration.
  • jPDL is designed for Java workflow and BPM.
  • jPDL within JBoss Seam is designed for web application pageflow.
  • BPM and process orchestration is a fragmented market. Current offerings add value, but are expensive and many are narrowly focused.
  • A professional open source foundation, as delivered in JBoss jBPM offers opportunities for the market to consolidate removing redunancy while promoting opportunity for value-added vendors. For example, vendors with high value vertical industry focussed languages can benefit from a mass market, open source foundation. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Portal and other infrastructure vendors can also benefit.
  • JBoss jBPM is an affordable, easily consumed, and simply better way to do process automation.
  • JBoss jBPM is dramatically expanding the market for workflow, BPM, process orchestration and web application pageflow!


We invite process developers, open source contributors and BPM vendors to take advantage of the JBoss jBPM mass market foundation and work with us to build upon this great opportunity to change the BPM and process automation landscape for the better. Better for developers, the open source community, and customers, both IT and business leaders.

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